Yuma Markets

Yuma has lots of Farmer’s Markets and Flea Markets. Tuesday we were at the Farmer’s Market in the Historic Downtown. Yesterday, we found the Farmer’s Market at Gila Mountain United Methodist Church.


Gila Mtn. United Methodist Church Flea Market

And today we were at the Arizona Market Place. This is a big market, 32 acres, and hundreds of selling spaces.


Arizona Market PLace


Wally’s World

As if that wasn’t enough shopping we went for a drive in the country and found one of the many date farms and bought some dates.


Imperial Date Gardens

When we returned home we decided to head for an actual RV park again. Rain is in the forecast and we don’t want to be in a muddy lot. We checked our Passport America directory and found one on the east side of town that would accommodate us.


Fortuna De Oro RV Resort

The Fortuna De Oro RV Resort is a 55+ community, owned by Cal-Am, who also owns several other resorts in Arizona like this one. They placed us in a paved lot that was striped for RVs and included full hook-ups. This is a temporary lot for transients like us. That’s ok, we only plan to be here 3 or 4 days.


Nice Sunset

The resort here is in the festive spirit. The house on the corner is all lit up for Christmas as are several other homes. We went out to explore the resort and enjoy the lights.


  • Gasoline:  $125 @ $3.57
  • Lodging:  $20
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