Yuma, AZ

We’re in Yuma now. It was about an 85 mile drive south from where we were in Quartzsite. We have sent for our mail to be delivered General Delivery so we will stick around here until it arrives. This is our third visit, or maybe our 4th, to Yuma since we retired.  It’s warmer here, the high to at least 80 today.


According to Guinness World Records, Yuma is the sunniest place on earth, with bright skies about 91 percent of all daytime hours. This is also the driest city in the U.S., but not the hottest. This is also where 90 percent of our nation’s leafy vegetables are grown from November to March. We can see this as we arrive to the area, there are miles and miles of neatly groomed fields of leafy produce in all stages of growth. There are roadside produce stands everywhere you look.

IMG_9471 IMG_9474

A truck load of boxes labeled FOXY.IMG_9494 IMG_9502

Historic Downtown Yuma was holding its weekly Farmers Market. We got there just before closing and bought cabbage, cucumbers, squash, and some dates.


IMG_9541 IMG_9534 IMG_9540

We are parked in a large RV parking lot at the back of Quechan Paradise Casino.


  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   free
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