Gila Bend, AZ

It was noon before we got our act together and got ready to leave the resort. Just as we were about to start the motor we noticed Don & Vi, whom we met in Parker, were here and looking for their assigned spot. Small world. So we stopped and caught up with them for a while before we headed east.

Just a few miles east of Yuma we come across an inspection station. The sign warns that dogs were working, but we didn’t see them. And we were not asked to stop, they just waved us through.


Along the drive we saw several miles of solar panel arrays. Arizona has some of the most sunshine on the planet, and says it’s the second-most solar power in the U.S.


Today’s drive was only 120 miles, but that was all we felt like doing this afternoon. Checking the Passport America directory, we located a small RV park in Gila Bend. Holt’s Shell RV Park is a small RV park behind the Shell station. We weren’t sure at first, I mean, a little RV park behind a gas station/truck stop in a small town and at a price of $12. Didn’t sound real promising. Turns out it is pretty darn nice. It is separated from the gas station and where the big noisy trucks park by a rock wall and trees. Oh, and that price is the half-off price for PA members as well as for members of the Escapees RV Club.


It’s a very clean park, well groomed, includes laundry and free wi-fi that works! Plus we’re so close to a cell tower, we have all the internet signal strength we can handle. Pretty good for being out here in the middle of the desert. We pulled in to the very last of the 24 total sites and made ourselves at home.


Holt’s Shell RV Park, #11

There are some very nice metal sculptures around the RV park and on the gas station property. We spotted this little fella holding up a sign for us.

IMG_0073 IMG_0080

Of course no town named Gila Bend should be without a Gila Monster sculpture!

IMG_0084 IMG_0087

The only thing missing is TV reception.

New thing:  Check out the MAPS tab at the top of this page under the header picture, it will take you to an interactive map I’ve been working on. Everything is clickable, it even has links to the blog posts at the locations they were written. You can make the map bigger and move it around. Now you can see where  we are and where we have been. I will TRY to stay on top of it!

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  $13
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