Mike and a Move

This past week has been very mellow for us (thus, no blog posts). It’s been very quiet at Mesa Regal RV Resort. Most people have gone home for the holidays and there have not been much for activities. After the 1st of the year I expect the snowbirds will arrive in droves (flocks?) and things will liven up quite a bit.

My brother, Mike, and his wife, Bonnie, from Minnesota, are in the area vacationing and stopped to see us. We went out for dinner, had a nice visit, and then they were on their way. It was great seeing family again. Mike wanted to see his picture in the blog so this is for you, Mike:


And now our week is up at Mesa Regal and it’s time to find a new home. Just a few miles east of here, still in Mesa, is another resort that will accept us for one week at the Passport America 50% rate. We will be at Valle Del Oro for the next week.

Valle Del Oro

Valle Del Oro, #896

All of these resorts are fabulous. We are enjoying visiting the different ones around here and thinking how nice it would be to winter over in one of these when we tire of driving all over the country. It’s something to think about.

Once we got set up in our new spot we went for a walk around to explore our new home. There is a garden club here that maintains a lovely rose garden and we enjoyed that.


And then we spotted what looks like a radio control vehicle track. I hope we get to see it in use during our time here.


And then…we see this model railroad, a big one! And the big boys were having fun playing with their toys.


I like knowing there other activities here besides the usual tennis and shuffleboard.

Our last stop was to the resort Post Office to get the address so we can have our mail forwarded here.


  • Gasoline:  $26 @ $1.99
  • Lodging:   $23
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2 Responses to Mike and a Move

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Mike and Bonnie!!! Hugs, everyone!


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