Christmas Eve in Mesa

We have moved over two resorts down to Mesa Regal RV Resort. We’ll be here for a week. This is another park that allows us to use our Passport America 50% discount for a limit of one week. It’s very nice, and everyone here is so friendly.

Mesa Regal RV Resort, #1967

Mesa Regal RV Resort, #1967

The big news of the day is that gas prices have finally dropped below $2.00/gallon.



We’re spending most of our time in the resort but today we did go out exploring. We found this nice little park, Park of the Canals, here in Mesa. There is a small botanical garden there, and we enjoyed that.


And a desert hiking trail.


The park is named for the hand-dug irrigation canals dug by Prehistoric Indians in this area and is listed as a National Historic site.


Prehistoric Irrigation Canal

IMG_0278Tonight is Christmas Eve and Mesa Regal has organized their 3rd Annual Resident Christmas Golf Cart Parade. There were over 50 decorated golf carts, a few bicycles, and one smart car. They were sure having fun, lots of horn “beeps” and laughing and Christmas music playing. A few even tossed candy.


Now we’re at home watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” on TV.

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  $22
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4 Responses to Christmas Eve in Mesa

  1. craigdresser says:

    Merry Christmas Marsha and Bernie!


  2. Exablo says:

    We lived next door, in Fiesta Resort, #257, from 1997 until 2005, when we moved back to Arkansas. It was two spaces east of the main clubhouse. We’ll be back in the Southwest next winter, so maybe we’ll see you out there somewhere.

    John & Sharon, from


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