A Few Days in Mesa

We’re not exploring as much this week, nor will we next week, so the blogs won’t be daily for a while. We’re just relaxing, enjoying the weather, and getting to know the resort community.

Yesterday, we did go out for a drive. We could see Superstition Mountain and stopped to take a picture of it. Perhaps we’ll go hike there one of these days. Maybe if we’re lucky we can find the Lost Dutchman’s Mine.  🙂

Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain

On Thursday we stopped to visit the old ghost town of Goldfield, which is close to Superstition Mountain. It really was pretty dead. Not all the shops were open, and there were not very many people around. The weekend is the time when all the activity is, perhaps we will go back on the weekend.

Goldfield, AZ

Goldfield, AZ

IMG_0225It was dark when we got home. A couple of the streets in the resort were all lit up for Christmas, so we stopped to take a picture.


This morning we went for a walk. There is a large drainage ditch between Sun Life Resort on the right and Towerpoint Resort on the left. A paved path lines the Sun Life side.


We weren’t sure how we were going to get over to the Towerpoint side, but then we found a shortcut through the drainage ditch and took that.


When we got across to the Towerpoint side….oops…there is an irrigation canal we had forgotten about, so we had to continue our walk out to the sidewalk on Main Street.


Another resort is across the street, that is Venture Out RV Resort over there and just a few businesses on our side before we get to the entrance to Towerpoint.  I always get a kick out of how the city tries to camouflage the cell phone towers to look like palm trees.


We did not enter Towerpoint, our mission today was to get to Mesa Regal, the next resort down.  At Mesa Regal almost every site has a fruit tree on it, usually an orange tree or a grapefruit tree.  Most other resorts have a palm tree on each site.


These resorts are all so well groomed. We found these roses at the entrance to Mesa Regal.


On our way to the office we see that today is this resort’s Country Store. Several vendors filled the ballroom and overflowed to the outside.


We can only stay 7 days at Sun Life with the Passport America 50% price, but we can stay 7 days at Mesa Regal for the same deal, so we went to the office and made our reservation for the following week. Then we walked home.

Other Flea Markets may claim to be Arizona’s largest, but in my opinion Mesa Market Place Swap Meet is the largest. It covers a mile and a quarter of shopping lanes with 1600 shops. There were no empty stalls such as we saw at the markets in Yuma.



  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:  $26
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