Sun Life RV Resort

Driving to Mesa only about 10 miles from where we were at Wild Horse Pass Casino in Chandler was a piece of cake. Traffic was not bad and roads were nice and straight.

Arizona Hwy 60

Arizona Hwy 60 East

There are hundreds of resorts in and around Mesa. The resort we were looking for was easy enough to find. It is next to Towerpoint Resort where we have been before, which is next to Mesa Regal Resort where we have been before. All three are owned by Cal-Am Resorts. We can stay here for the Passport America 50% price of $179.59 for the week, which comes to about $25.66 per night after taxes. This is great, we have everything we want here.

Sun Life RV Resort, #D35

Sun Life RV Resort, #D35

True to our lifestyle we did not have a reservation. But we did call ahead this morning and they said they would have no problem fitting us in. The guard at the front gate directed us to the office to register.


Entrance road, heading towards the office.

Upon registering we were given a nice goodie bag as a welcome gift.


Welcome to Cal-Am Resorts


And here we are, home sweet home, for the week.


Sun Life Resort, D35

  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   $26


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