Ramsey Canyon Preserve

The rain has finally ended and the sun is out. We spent a good part of yesterday visiting relatives and today we were able to venture out.

Our plan was to visit Fort Huachuca near the city of Sierra Vista. This is a U.S. Army fort originally built to help guard Southern Arizona from the Apache Indians lead by Geronimo. It was also the headquarters of the “Buffalo Soldiers,” one of the Army’s elite black Calvary corps. Now it is the home of the U.S. Army Intelligence center and other high-tech facilities.

We wanted to see the historic buildings and the Fort Museum as well as the Military Intelligence Museum.  We should have Goggled it before we left as then we would have seen that the museums are closed until spring 2015 for extensive renovations.


Oh well, while at the Sierra Vista Visitor Information Center we found other things to do in the area. We decided on The Nature Conservancy’s Ramsey Canyon Preserve. The Conservatory is a private non-profit conservation organization. A $6 fee is charged and the hiking trail begins out the back of the visitor center.


The trail goes into the canyon along side a babbling brook.


This is a well-maintained self-guided trail with interpretive signs. We also have a pamphlet with numbered historical information bits that matches up with numbered posts along the way.


In the 1880’s to the 1920’s the canyon was home to almost 100 settlers. There are remains of buildings from those who used to live here.


Sycamore Trees


The James Cabin, 1902


There were some great views of the surrounding mountains.


In 2000 the frogs died off because of chytrid disease. So in 2005 the conservatory made these ponds and brought new frogs back.



The James House, built 1911

On our way home we have to go through this Boarder Patrol Checkpoint. They didn’t even stop us, just waved us through and said “have a nice day.”


Pretty drive all the way home.


We found a country road shortcut home. It started out fine, but about half way there it was nearly washed out.


  • Gasoline:  $14 @ $2.07
  • Lodging:   $338  through March 4.
  • Fees:  $12
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