What a Nice Day

BEAUTIFUL day today! So we didn’t do anything. OK, well, we did go for a few walks.


SKP Saguaro Co-Op

The land behind the RV park we are in has hiking trails going off in all kinds of directions. We went to see what it was like. Awesome views up there.


Somebody had built a stone arch up in the hills there. These are cool, and some of the lease holders in the Co-Op have these decorating their lots.


We also walked up and down the streets in the Co-Op. It was, um, interesting to see the “Snake” can with the long-handled grabbers for “just in case.” The snakes typically hibernate in the winter, and we have never seen one. But they say that on a sunny warm winter day they can come out.


We spent some time in the clubhouse, used the free wi-fi for a while, and found a DVD to watch.

Without the clouds the sunsets are not quite so spectacular, but we did get some color tonight. The forecast for the next week is sunny and warm every day. Cool!



  • Gasoline:  none
  • Lodging:   paid
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1 Response to What a Nice Day

  1. Some of our best days camping are the days we spend doing nothing! You have some nice places to walk around where you are camping.


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