Amtrak Texas Eagle, Day 3

We both slept better on the train last night than we did the night before. I suppose it just takes some getting used to. Anyway, it was cold when we woke up. It was warm enough inside, but outside it was 8 degrees and there was some snow on the ground. We were almost to St. Louis when the sun came up.


St. Louis, Missouri, and the Mississippi River



I got a good shot of the Ilinois state capitol building as the train passed by.


We had to stop for a while to load and unload passengers and held up traffic for a while. Glad it wasn’t me waiting in traffic. I hate it when waiting for the train to pass and then it just stops!




Our train arrived at Union Station in Chicago at 4:05 pm, 2 hours and 13 minutes late but that’s ok because our next train doesn’t leave for five more hours anyway.  Since we are sleeper car passengers we have special privileges and can wait out our time in the First Class Metropolitan Lounge in Union Station with comfortable quiet lounge seating, TV, free snacks and drinks, plus we can check our luggage and go exploring without having to worry about it, and free wifi good enough for me to get this blog post done. If it weren’t so darned cold out we go outside!


Union Station, Chicago


Great Hall, Union Station, Chicago

We got here just at rush hour time so we got to witness the bazillions of people pass through here on their daily commute.

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3 Responses to Amtrak Texas Eagle, Day 3

  1. Shirley says:

    Great pictures again – welcome to the frozen North.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing how much ground you’ve covered since Saturday, without having to drive. Thanks for sharing!! I love your blogs 🙂


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