Into Texas

We left Deming, New Mexico, mid morning and headed east on I-10. Between there and the NM/TX border we saw (and smelled) mile after mile of big dairy factory farms.


A stop at Camping World in El Paso, Texas, finally scored us the windshield wipers that we needed.


We found the cheapest gas of our entire trip! $1.99 at Flying J, and the same price at Love’s! So, naturally we filled up!


$1.99 at El Paso, Texas

OK, with those two things out of the way we returned to our eastward trek. It took a long time to drive through El Paso.



El Paso, TX

We are, more or less, for the time being, following parallel to the Amtrak train trip we just took. You can see the train tracks below the highway and then the Mexico border fence, and Juarez, Mexico on the other side.


Not far down the road is another Border Patrol Checkpoint. The officer just asked us how many people were in the vehicle and sent us on our way.


Texas is a big state. 800 miles across. From this point it is 411 miles to San Antonio. Here we go….


The speed limit here is 80 miles per hour, but we don’t drive that fast with the RV.


Naturally, this is the point where our tire pressure alarm system starts flashing red lights and making noises, alerting us to stop right now. So we pull off to the shoulder to check it out. Everything seemed just fine, so we figure it’s the monitor that was failing. It’s probably time to get a new system. We will be cautious, and we’ll have to do some research on that now.

Tonight we are staying at Mountain View RV Park in Van Horn, Texas, only 225 miles from last night’s stop in Deming, New Mexico. All of our tires are still round.


Mountain View RV Park, Van Horn, Texas, #25

  • Gasoline:  $100 @ $1.99/gallon
  • Lodging:  $31.50
  • New Wipers:  $60
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