Kerrville, TX

Today was a day of just driving. We drove 365 miles on I-10 from Van Horn to Kerrville, Texas, stopping only to stretch our legs, make a sandwich, and fuel up.


Heading East Into the Morning Sun

One of the rest areas we stopped at had a nice green lawn with some pretty yellow and purple flowers. 🙂  It’s Spring!


Dandelions and Creeping Charlie

Fort Stockton has a cool sculpture at the entrance to their community. I grabbed a shot of it out the window as we whizzed by at about 65 mph. Not bad for a cloudy day and an iPhone.


Fort Stockton, Texas

Much of our day was spent looking at this. It is beautiful, but it goes on forever.


West Texas

We are out of food and supplies so stopped at the Walmart in Kerrville to replenish. And we’re tired, so why not just spend the night here? We didn’t even unhook the Jeep, we will be leaving in the morning. There are eight other RV’s parked here with us tonight with the same idea.

Kerrville, Texas

Kerrville, Texas

  • Gasoline:  $75 @ $2.29
  • Lodging:   free
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