Luling Barbecue

More driving today, this time only 210 miles, to Luling, Texas. I’ve been looking forward to this stop since we were here two years back. Luling is an old oil boom town, once known as the toughest town in Texas.


Welcome to Luling, Texas

City Market is where we went for some world-famous mouth-watering Texas Barbecue. We were not disappointed. Upon entering the restaurant you get in line to enter a small room in the back. You must keep the door to this room closed and only enter when you see through the window that it is your turn. Do not stand in line with the door open or they will yell at you to close the door! This room is where the meat counter is. You order pork ribs, sausage links, or brisket. We ordered all of it. They lay it out on brown paper, scrunch it up around the edges to make it easier to carry, you pay for it, and leave the room and go find a place to sit in the dining area.


City Market, Luling, Texas

We ordered a lot, ate what we wanted, and took the rest home, packed it up and put it in the freezer for future enjoyment. NO BBQ sauce is needed! These were so juicy and tasty just the way they are. There are some small bottles of a mustard-based sauce you could use if you thought you needed sauce, but I didn’t like it. Big Red appeared to be the beverage of choice here. I’m not sure if you can even buy it up north, it’s a southern thing.


City Market, Luling, Texas

There are still working oil pump jacks throughout the town, some even in people’s back yards, and the town smells like oil. Several of the pump jacks have been decorated up with whimsical decorations. And there is an oil museum in town, but we did not take the time to see it this visit. Our Amtrak train did use those tracks in the picture, but it was in the middle of the night and we were sleeping when we passed through here.


Pump Jacks in Luling, Texas

On the other side of the freeway from Luling is a very large Travel Center, tourist stop, called Buc-ee’s. It was PACKED with people. Probably all the folks that just drove through all of west Texas and needed some civilization.





Continuing on our travels the scenery is changing… seeing lots of GREEN stuff now! And a lot more traffic.



We’re stopping at Walmart in Sealy, Texas, tonight. It’s very very humid, and thunderstorms and flash-floods are in the forecast. There are four other RV’s parked with us here tonight.


  • Gasoline:  $100 @ $2.09
  • Lodging:   free
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