Peep Peep

I like Peeps. They’re so cute and colorful. The factory is here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It’s too bad they do not do factory tours, I’d love to see the little peeps popping out onto the conveyor belts. We drove by the factory just to have a look.


Where Peeps are Made.


The Peepmobile?


Also Mike and Ike’s are Here

Back at the Sands Casino Resort you can find the Peeps store.


Peep Peep

While we were out we drove over to Allentown. It seemed every street we went down was under construction. Between the construction, the detours, and the one-way streets we didn’t stay long. Oh, and how long do you stay stopped at a red light before deciding it’s never going to turn green and just go for it?



It’s another drizzly day with no sunshine, that sucks the color out of my pictures. At least it’s not the nasty stormy weather the south is having so we are grateful for that.

The security man at the Sands Casino told us that we were parked in the wrong parking lot and that we should move over to the lot where all the buses and the trucks are parked. We looked over and saw how busy and noisy the lot was and decided “nope” we’re leaving.

We found a Passport America member park about a half hour north of here. Silver Valley Campsites had a nice pull-through spot with full hook-ups for us. They just opened for the season last week. Other than the one travel trailer next to us it looked like all of the other RV’s here are permanent or seasonal residents. It’s pretty quiet right now, we may be the only ones here!


Silver Valley Campsites

Our activity for the rest of the day:


Silver Valley Campsites

  • Gasoline:  $40 @ $2.73
  • Lodging:  $25 (Passport America price)
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5 Responses to Peep Peep

  1. Jim says:

    We’ve been trailing behind you up the Atlantic Coast for a couple of weeks. I love your blog and you have given us a few things to add to our visit list. I especially liked your train trip. We’re going to add some travel by train to our itinerary.

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  2. Ah yes, laundry day! It’s always good to find a Passport America park with a nice laundry just when you are running out of clean clothes! Love the photos about Peeps!


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