Grey Towers

Plan ahead? Us? Nope. Spontaneity is how we roll. Usually we just drive until we feel like stopping and then look for a place to park for the night: an RV Park; a city, county, state, or national park; public lands, and Walmart is everywhere. It works for us.

But in early spring in the Northeast it doesn’t always work out. We should know better and call ahead so that this doesn’t happen:


Closed for the Season

Oops! And with a tow vehicle behind us we cannot back up. Fortunately, the gate was not secured with a padlock so we could untie the cord, open the gate, drive in, turn around, and re-secure the gate behind us. Whew! Lucky us.

We are in Milford, Pennsylvania now. Here we find Grey Towers National Historic Site. Built in 1886, the house and 102 acres was donated (in 1963) by the Gifford Pinchot family, to the USDA Forest Service, the federal agency founded by their father.

The house will not be open for tours until May 23. We were able to walk around the property and take some pictures. Other than the lawn maintenance people, we were the only ones there.


Grey Towers National Historic Site


Grey Towers

The April 25 Earth Day 8k Run in Milford began here. Someone made the start line very pretty.



The view from the front yard is incredible. You can see for miles and miles.


Awesome View From Gray Towers

An outdoor dining pool! What a cool idea! Food is brought out by the butlers and placed on trays on thick balsa wood rafts. All the food floats. Guests sit around the edge. Several rafts go from person to person with the food. Covered by wisteria and grape vines. I wish I could see it green and in bloom.


The Finger Bowl



We are now at River Beach Campsites in Milford. We were here last year but it was pouring rain at that time so we didn’t see much of it. The view from our rig is of the Delaware River.


River Beach Campsites

Here are a few pictures from our walk around the campground.


River Beach Campsites


Spring Flowers!


The Delaware River

They do canoe, raft, kayak & tube trips here. It looks like they’re getting ready for the season. Perhaps it will be busy here this weekend? Right now it looks like it’s just us and two other rigs in the whole place.


River Beach Campsites and Kittatinny Canoes

We will be here four nights.

  • Gasoline:  $100 @ $2.49 (New Jersey price)
  • Lodging:  $128 (four nights)
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  1. PennSmiths says:

    I love going to Grey Towers! The Wisteria is gorgeous when in bloom. 🙂

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