Milford Monuments and an Aqueduct

Our plans are to visit our daughter in New Haven, Connecticut, but she has obligations and won’t be available until Monday. There are very few RV parks or campgrounds around New Haven and the ones that are there won’t open until the middle or the end of May. We did find one, but can’t get in until Monday, so we will just stay where we are while we wait.

In the meantime, we are seeing what there is to see around us here in Milford, Pennsylvania. Today we decided it would be monument day and go find some monuments.

The first one we found is in the middle of a side street in Milford PA.  This little traffic island is the burial site of Tom Quick who killed a lot of Indians in the late 1700’s.


Tom Quick is Grave Site

The controversial monument has been removed and a plaque explains:


Tom Quick Monument Plaque

The Milford Sheriff’s Office has a fish over it.


Milford Sheriff’s Office

The Delaware Aqueduct, built in 1848, the oldest existing wire cable suspension bridge in the United States, crosses the Delaware River from Lackawaxen, PA to Minisink Ford, NY.


The Delaware Aqueduct

It was originally built to carry canal boats over the Delaware River.


The Delaware Aqueduct

Now the canal is gone. The National Park Service has repaired and restored and reconstructed the aqueduct, now a motor vehicle bridge.


Delaware Aqueduct

German-born engineer John A Roebling designed it and then used similar technology to build the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.


The Delaware Aqueduct Bridge

We drove back to Milford, PA, on the New York side of the Delaware River along the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway.


Upper Delaware Scenic Byway

Underneath Interstate Highway 84 at Port Jervis, New York, is a Tri-States Monument. We had to drive through a cemetery to get to it, but we found it without too much trouble. Directly under the bridge is a taller monument indicating the New Jersey State Line on one side of it, and the New York State Line on the other side of it. But down by the water, by those two fishermen, is the smaller New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania Monument.


Tri-State Monument

It was probably a big deal at one time, but seems no so much any more.


Tri-State Monument, NY/NJ/PENN

Our last stop was out to High Point State Park, in New Jersey. Resembling the Washington Monument in Washington DC, the monument here was built in 1930 as a war memorial and is only 220 feet tall. It stands at the highest point in the State of New Jersey. All the buildings in the state park are locked up for the winter right now, and won’t be open until the end of May so we were not able to enter the monument and walk up the steps to the observation windows at the top. Oh darn.


Lake Marcia


High Point Monument


The view from the base of the monument is incredible. You can see for miles and miles in 360 degree panoramic beauty.  In the pic below you can see the Delaware River in the center. On the right is New York State and to the left is Pennsylvania. Our RV park is in there somewhere. The monument is lit up at night and we can see it from our RV.


View from High Point Monument in New Jersey

Since all the facilities are still closed there was no fee to enter the New Jersey State Park today, saving us $10.

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