New Hampshire Family Time

Most RV parks and campgrounds this far north do not open until the middle or the end of May. But we did find one that just opened now. It’s a quiet campground, mostly seasonal campers who have been there for years. But they do have a few spots for transients like us. They gave us a nice large spot with a picnic table and a fire pit. A fire would be nice, but currently there is a burning ban because it’s been so dry.

We will be here for about three weeks, through the end of May. Since we will be spending time with family I won’t be blogging unless we go out and do some sightseeing while we’re here. But for sure I will resume the blog by June 1 when we head towards Minnesota.


Cascade Campground, #331

A walk around our new “home” brought us to a lovely swimming beach.


Cascade Campground

And the stream that feeds the swimming area.


Cascade Campground

The cherry and apple trees are blooming nicely in town. Quite a change from when we were here in February!


Concord, New Hampshire

  • Lodging: $600
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