Here We Go Again

It’s been a whole month since we arrived in Concord, NH. We’ve been enjoying our time with our daughter (who drove up from Connecticut), our son and his wife, and our three-month old grandson. Many changes are happening here, job changes, new apartments, and a new town. Goodbye to Concord, hello to Keene, NH. As much as we love being here our home state of Minnesota calls us. After a few months seeing the friends and relatives there and taking care of business, like doctor and dental exams, maybe some maintenance on the RV, we will return to the New England area before going south for the winter.

The Family

The Family

On top of that we bought a new car while we were in Concord, a 2014 slightly used Honda CR-V. That was quite a process. New Hampshire does not have a sales tax on cars, but since we are legal residents of South Dakota we are required to pay 4% sales tax to the State of South Dakota. DakotaPost, our mail-forwarding company, helped us with the process of paying the tax and getting our new car registered and licensed in South Dakota while we are 1,500 miles away here in New Hampshire. We were able to take the license plates off the old Jeep and transfer them to the new car, so we’re good to go!

2014 Honda CRV

2014 Honda CRV

But before we could “go” we needed to have the new car equipped properly to be towed behind the motor home. We decided that Camping World here in Concord was our only resource to install the base plate and other parts for this operation, as well as the Invisibrake supplemental braking system. Parts were ordered and a deposit paid, then wait. Finally, 15 days later, the parts arrived. Camping World then kept our car for three and a half days to get this installed and it cost us $2,414.86 after a credit of $396 in discounts and coupons.


Towing Hardware

The process of buying the car, getting it registered in South Dakota, and equipping it for towing took a total of 20 days which worked out just fine during the time we were here.

So off we go! We checked out of Cascade Campground around noon today and only drove 130 miles, stopping for the night at the Walmart in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The drive was so beautiful, both states are forested and so green!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire



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