Vermont Country Store

Our explorations took us around Brattleboro, Vermont, today. It’s a pretty little town, about 12,000 people. Chartered in 1753.


Brattleboro, Vermont

We spotted a sea serpent in the water! I don’t think it saw us.


Sea Serpent at Brattleboro, VT

Years ago I would occasionally receive a catalog in the mail from the Vermont Country Store — Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-to-Find.  And here it is, just up the road from Brattleboro in the little town of Rockingham. I love it. Stepping inside is like a step into the past. Old-time candy and goods, time-tested health and beauty items, tried & true housewares, their own canned goods, jams, jellies, etc. and clothing and classic toys. It brought back memories.


The Vermont Country Store, Purveyors of the Practical and Hard-to-Find

Next up the road is the unique community of Chester, population just over 3,000. What a pretty town! Lining one side of the main street is a row of big houses. These are shops and restaurants. So different than the usual main street shops we’re used to seeing in small towns.


Chester, Vermont

Just outside of Chester we found an old covered bridge.


Worral Covered Bridge


Worral Covered Bridge

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2 Responses to Vermont Country Store

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is our R&J Bus Tour at the end of September. It lists villages and dates we will be there.


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    • marsbern says:

      Awesome trip! There are two Vermont Country Store sites and you will see a different one than the one we saw. I see you will be in Chester! That will be very close to us. Maybe we can stop by and say hello there. Also, when you get to NY you are going to love the Corning Museum, we did. 🙂


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