Family Time in NH

We are in New Hampshire now and have been for the last several days while we visit our son and his family for a while. They live in Keene, a small town in the southwestern part of the state.

One of the very first things we saw when we got here was this restaurant with a giant crab on top of it… and the sign indicates lobster dinner for only $12.99. Nice. You KNOW we ate there.


Nick’s Restaurant

Keene is a nice little town, we have been enjoying our time visiting the kids as well as exploring the area. Farmers Market is every Tuesday and Saturday.


Farmers Market in Keene, NH

And Art in the Park, as well as a Music Festival last weekend. There’s lots going on here.


Art in the Park


Ashuelot River Park, Keene, NH

We are staying at Ashuelot River Campground. What a nice place, for sure this will be our home whenever we come to visit the kids. It was plumb full over the Labor Day weekend, but once the holiday was over everyone went home and here we are all alone. School has begun and the camping season is winding down. Since I took this picture a few more have arrived for the weekend.


Ashuelot River Campground


Ozzy Selfie

We did venture out to see the countryside. One of the more interesting things we found was this Stairway to Nowhere in the middle of a forest. It had been part of a castle built in 1931 by an eccentric widow, Madame Sherri. The house burned down in 1962. This nice stone stairway and a fireplace and a few other ruins remain.


Madame Sherri Forest

And the covered bridges! There are several around here and we went looking for them.


Sawyer’s Crossing, built in 1859 to replace one built prior to 1771.


Slate Bridge, 1862


Coombs Bridge, 1837. Rehabilitated in 1971


Ashuelot Bridge, 1864.

This last one is very near our campground and we cross it every time we go anywhere.


West Swanzey Bridge, 1832

  • Gasoline:  $124 @ $2.30 and $2.21
  • Lodging:  $432 for two weeks.
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2 Responses to Family Time in NH

  1. Love the covered bridges! It’s always fun to visit family and being able to explore such a beautiful area just adds to the fun.

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  2. Shirley says:

    Wonderful pictures – sounds like an interesting place.


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