A Walk and A Ride in Savannah

The first stop of a visit to Savannah should be to the Savannah Visitor Center and Museum which are in the old train station. There are some very helpful people there and the museum is wonderful display of Savannah’s history.

Savannah Visitor Center

Savannah Visitor Center

This is not our first time to Savannah so we had an idea of what we wanted to do. We started out with a walk to some of the parks. This city has some of the most beautiful streets in the country.


Savannah GA

Forsyth Park is the largest park in the historic district. The large fountain there is a popular spot for tourists and the locals.


Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

It was getting pretty hot and humid so we went back to the visitor center and chose one of the tour companies for a narrated ride around the historic district. The last time we were here we used Old Towne Trolley Company, which was excellent, so this time we went with Old Savannah Tours, just to be different. That was also excellent.


Old Savannah Tours

Our driver was Donny, and he did an awesome job describing the sites and was very entertaining. Also, a few times during the tour an actor would join us and portray a local celebrity and talk for a few minutes. The first visitor was Johnny Mercer, the American lyricist, songwriter and singer that was born in Savannah in 1909. Some of his songs (the ones I remember) are “Blue Moon” “Hooray for Hollywood” “Jeepers Creepers!” “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” “Fools Rush In” “The Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe” “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive” and  “I’m and Old Cowhand from the Rio Grande”.

Johnny Mercer

Johnny Mercer


The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Catholic Church


The Pirates House


Savannah’s Waving Girl


Factors Walk

IMG_8919 IMG_8920 IMG_8926 IMG_8951 IMG_8952 IMG_8956 IMG_8967 IMG_8997

  • Tour Price:  $56
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5 Responses to A Walk and A Ride in Savannah

  1. John Abert says:

    We ate inside the original building in Savannah, which is inside the Pirates House. The old log building was the gardener’s house, built in 1732. They put so much importance on growing food for the new colony, they built his house first! Unfortunately, I contracted a short 24-hour flu bug in St. Augustin the day before, and the effects lasted over two weeks. My stomach was so upset that I couldn’the enjoy the great meal. About two bites was about all I could handle! But that was back in 1984, when the Pirates House was rated one of the top ten restaurants in the country by Playboy Magazine. We only had a day to spend there, and then headed for Stone Mountain. We hope to get back to Savannah again someday. Did I see Julia Ward Lowe’s house in that mix? We toured the inside while we were there. Keep up the great travel stories and pictures. We’re hoping to get out of here in a couple more weeks, and then head to Livingston, TX first, and then toward Yuma. Maybe we’ll see you out there!

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    • marsbern says:

      Ugh! My fumble fingers hit a button that sent you to the spam folder. Hope you didn’t get notified of that. The Pirate House is on my “gotta eat there” list. We actually did eat there when we were in Savannah a few years back. Don’t remember the food, but there was a perfect Captain John Sparrow there that thrilled the customers. We will be here a few more days, I hope it works out. I want to eat at The Pink House too. And maybe Paula Dean’s The Lady & Sons. Can’t eat at them all I guess. Enjoy your trip to Livingston, we were there last year for a few days. I love Yuma! But we won’t be there this year, maybe next!


  2. we rarely revisit places. ..but Savannah is worthy. . .loved seeing it again through your eyes, and will love seeing it again this summer perhaps. . .beautiful little town. . .

    Janice Evans

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  3. Great photos of Savannah!


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