A Walk About Savannah

If you Google “most beautiful street in Savannah” you will get several references to Jones Street. And it is so. The street begins just a few blocks away from the Savannah Visitor Center so we parked there and walked over to Jones Street to walk its length. It really is pretty, cobblestone streets and sidewalks, large live oak trees shadow the street. It’s like stepping back in time.


Jones Street, Savannah GA

Photography was difficult today, the sun was so bright and the shadows so harsh. Oh well, we enjoyed the walk.  We enjoyed seeing this beautiful Halloween decorated garden of a private residence on Jones Street.



Also, on Jones Street, is a popular restaurant called Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room. People were lined up for half a block and around the corner waiting to be seated for lunch. We talked to one of the local people across the street and they suggested returning on Monday, the line might not be so long then. I think we just might do that.


The Line for Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

But it is lunch time and we were getting hungry. We walked a few blocks to The Six Pence Pub. This was one of the locations used in the 1995 movie, “Something To Talk About”, with Julia Roberts and Denis Quaid. All the tours come by here and point it out.


The Six Pence Pub, Savannah GA

This is a British-style pub with English and American comfort food. Bernie had Pot Roast and I ordered the Shephard’s Pie….mmm, good.


Shephard’s Pie

As we continue our walk we pass through a few more of the park squares, by the place where the bench was where Forrest Gump sat with his box of chocolates. Across the street is the Independent Presbyterian Church, the steeple you see at the beginning of the movie when the feather falls from the sky to his feet.


Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah GA

Our walk brings us downtown. We just “had” to stop at Leopold’s, a “must stop” with homemade ice cream in a retro ice cream parlor. Their ice cream is made in house, one batch at a time, using family recipes handed down since 1919. Johnny Mercer even told Leopold’s that he would write a song about their famous “tutti-frutty” ice cream, which was a Leopold’s hallmark.


Leopold’s Ice Cream, Savanna GA


I swear this was the best ice cream I have ever had.

A few streets down from there is Bay Street where you find the historic Factor’s Walk. Formerly a center of commerce for Savannah’s cotton factors or brokers, is now shops and restaurants.


Factors Walk, Savannah GA


Historic Cotton Exchange Building (1886), Savannah GA

On our way back to the Visitor Center we walk through a four block area of restored warehouses and shop fronts. No cars on this street. We stopped for a beer at Tree House, a second-floor pub overlooking the City Market area.


Tree House, Savannah GA

Drinks to go! In the Historic District you can walk around outside with a drink in your hand, provided it’s in a plastic or paper cup…no cans, no bottles. Bars can stay open until 3:00 a.m. and then you can take your drink out in a go-cup.


Drinks to Go!

There are lots of candy stores in Savannah! Candy everywhere.



Some candy stores make their own fresh taffy. It’s made in one room, then conveyor belts transport it to another room and drop it into the sales bin. If you’re there when they are wrapping the taffy they will toss you a free sample.



Horse-drawn carriage rides are available in the Historic District.


Carriage Horses

  • Parking:  $4
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is thete a beach area?


  2. Anonymous says:

    I was there

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  3. I second the person who told you to return to Mrs. Wilkes. You will not be disappointed! Come with a big appetite!

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