Manatee Springs State Park FL

We have a 3-night stay at Manatee Springs State Park here in Florida. This is one of my favorite parks and is our third visit here. I get no internet signal here at all, and just one bar of cellular service.  Free wi-fi is available at the snack bar, so that’s where I am writing this. Wednesday we will move on to a regular RV resort for a few days.


Manatee Spring State Park FL, #9

The natural spring here is a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The spring water is a constant 72 degrees which draws the manatee here to the warmer waters in the winter months.


Manatee Springs

A boardwalk winds along the creek, through the cypress swamp, to the near-by Suwanee River.


Boardwalk at Manatee Springs

The park offers pontoon tours daily as well as renting out canoes and kayaks.

It was a peaceful day yesterday, although cloudy and cold. The water was so still, it made for some good photos.


Suwanee River

We did see some Manatee! These two were headed towards the natural spring.



Today the sun came out! But the water wasn’t as smooth as it was yesterday, making it a little harder to see the Manatee. We were able to see about 10 Manatee hanging out by the end of the boardwalk, they were there all day. They mostly looked like gray blobs in the water until they would come up for a breath of air.






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3 Responses to Manatee Springs State Park FL

  1. Mandy- Wild Red says:

    This looks like such a beautiful place to visit!


  2. gconthemove says:

    They are such graceful creatures – glad to hear you’ve been able to see them. Is the park a nicely kept state park?


    • marsbern says:

      It is a nicely kept state park. They made some upgrades last year, installing some 50-amp sites with sewer hookups, a rare thing for state parks. And down by the spring there’s a nice concession stand with a large BBQ smoker in the back, good stuff.


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