A Walk in the Park

It very nearly froze last night. And then the sun came out today. Nice to see it. Although it stayed cool all day long.   We went for a walk in the RV park and looked for those Sandhill Cranes we saw yesterday. They were nowhere to be found, but we did see a few other things.

The Escapees RV Club is a total support network for RVers. One of the services they offer is to weigh your RV if you need that done. Sumter RV Park, where we are, has a scale here for that purpose. It’s on Cow Patty Rd, 🙂


Weigh Scale on Cow Patty Rd

We had hoped to see some wildlife but all we saw was some cows in the pasture to the south of the park, donkeys to the north, and these big elephant ears growing behind the park.


Bernie in the Elephant Ears

A cypress swamp lives behind the park. We were told there were a pair of otters. Did not see them, only some birds.


Cypress Swamp



So that was our day today, exciting, huh? Oh, we did make a trip to the grocery store and I just HAD to buy a Powerball ticket, which I haven’t done in years. The prize is up to over $1.5 BILLION dollars and I would love a piece of that. I know, I know, my chances are greater of getting smashed by a meteorite than by winning this, but you CAN’T win if you don’t play! I have just as much chance as the next person. We’ll know tomorrow night.



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