Florida RV Supershow

This was the first day of the 13th annual Florida RV Supershow at the Florida State Fairgrounds at Tampa. It showcases the new 2016 models of all kinds of recreational vehicles.  We figured today might be the best day to attend even though it was cool and cloudy. It could rain in the next day or two and we thought perhaps the weekend would be more crowded.


Florida RV Supershow

Several roaming entertainment included musicians, clowns, human statues, jugglers and more.

More RV’s than we could count.


RV Supershow

Some unique features. Here’s a slide within a slide. I have seen this before, but it’s a really rare thing.



Here’s a new one for me. It’s called a Cricket. The top (orange part) is a canvas pop-up.


Cricket Trailer

Here’s how you tow your big heavy new 5th wheel and still have a little car to drive.


Take Your Smartcar With You

There were several park-models on display too.


Park Models at the Florida RV Supershow

It’s like being in the commercial building at the Minnesota State Fair..packed with vendors and people. There were two large buildings with exhibits.


Supplier Building

The special RV’s are inside. Lot’s of Airstreams here.



And the PREVOST !  Wow, only in my dreams. These are the expensive ones. You can go inside and look but you have to remove your shoes or they won’t let you in.



You can step up to get a view inside the front windows of some of them.



Only $2,376,180 for this one!  ….Maybe, if I win the Powerball drawing tonight!



We were there for four hours and our feet hurt. And, no, we did not buy a new one.

When we got home these two Sandhill Cranes were there to greet us again.  Nice.


Sandhill Cranes

  • Parking:        $6
  • Admission: $18
  • Gasoline:     $23 @ $1.84/gallon
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