Amtrak Auto Train, Arrive FL

It was dark when we finished our dinner last night so we couldn’t see much outside. I hear the most scenic part of the Auto Train trip happens in the dark. After dinner we returned to our room and I worked on the blog and Bernie returned to the lounge car to watch the movie that was playing. This time it was Mr. Holmes. Around 10PM the sleeping car attendant converted our roomette into sleeping bunks and then we went to bed. Sleeping is not easy on a train, but we managed.

A light continental breakfast was served in the dining car beginning at 6AM. It included a banana and an assortment of muffins, bagels and cold cereal. Sunrise was around 7:15 and soon we could see a few things out the window. Mostly it was just trees. The train was running right on time but then we had to pull over on a side rail and wait for an on-coming freight train to pass. We were blocking the crossroad so held up a school bus. These kids might be late for school today.


Waiting for the Train

That set us back about 20 minutes. As morning progressed we could see the trees better.


Morning Trees

I kept looking for something to take pictures of. Once in a while a pond or a river would flash by.




More Water

If it weren’t for that freight train we would have been right on time, but we were 19 minutes late.


Sanford, FL

It took a few minutes to get the passengers off the train and to split it up into sections for unloading the cars. They had to unload 204 cars today. We got ours one hour after the arrival time. And then it was about a two hour drive home.


Home Sweet Home

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