Move to Pensacola

It was a bumpy night. Severe storms and tornadoes made their way eastward along the southern states last night. One of the tornadoes wiped out an RV park in Louisiana and some people died.  Another tornado damaged at least 150 houses and an apartment building in Pensacola, Florida, and created a lot of power outages. By the time the storm system reached where we were it moved north and missed us!  All we got was a little rain, no big deal. Lucky us.

We have a reservation in Pensacola for tonight. After calling ahead to see if it was safe for us to go we left Torreya State Park and drove about 190 miles west on I-10 to Big Lagoon State Park, the same park we were at about two months ago. The temperature has dropped and cooled off to about 60 and it got very windy.  Not good for us in our high-profile vehicle. But that’s what we get for making a reservation! The wind knocked us around a bit but Bernie kept it under control and we made it without incident. None of the tornado damage that Pensacola suffered could be seen from the route we took to the park.



Here we are, back in Big Lagoon State Park at Pensacola, Florida. And we are in the same site we were in last time. #51. The low temperature tonight is forecast to be 41 degrees.


Big Lagoon State Park, #51 

It was cool, so we bundled up and took a short walk before it got dark.


Big Lagoon State Park


Big Lagoon State Park, #51

We will be here three nights.Saturday was booked up so we have to leave for that night, but then we will return here for another five nights after that. Hope it warms up.

  • Gasoline: $50 @ $1.69
  • Lodging:  $73.60  (3 nights)
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