What a difference the sun makes! Today was absolutely beautiful. It was a little cool, but that’s ok too. Our day started with a walk around the campground and the boardwalk out to the beach at Big Lagoon State Park. The boardwalk takes us by Long Pond before we get to the Big Lagoon beach.


Long Pond


Big Lagoon

After our walk and after a light lunch at home we drove over to share some Key Lime Pie with Lois, our friend from Minnesota whom we had visited in December, at her condo. Then the three of us went for a walk on the big beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico.


Perdido Key on the Gulf of Mexico

There is something new on the beach every time we see it. Shells were abundant, probably a result of the recent storm. And a star fish! Don’t see those very often.



When we got back to the condo this heron was there to greet us. He is a frequent visitor. Lois named him Herman.



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1 Response to Beaches

  1. Suvi says:

    How very fun to see a heron in your own back yard! When I lived in Malaysia as a child, we had a huge monitor lizard in front of our front door – yikes. Here in Finland, the weirdest thing was seeing a fox in our back yard once. It looked really thin and not so healthy poor thing. These days there are so many rabbits that I’m sure the foxes are now flourishing too. Have a great day!


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