Busy Day!

Saturday is the day for the Palafox Market in Pensacola. We’ve been there a few times before and it’s great. In addition to fresh produce there are some wonderful baked goods, arts and crafts, and other vendors as well as some live entertainment. My mission this time was to find the cookie lady. When we were here just before Christmas I had purchased some decorated cookies from her and really enjoyed them. My mission today was to see what she had now. I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted so I bought some of each. They’ll go in the freezer. For a little while anyway, hehe. We also purchased a jar of pickles and a jar of honey from other vendors.


Annie’s Naked Cookies

Next, a return visit to Joe Patti’s Seafood. If it swims it must be here.


Joe Patti’s Seafood

When you live in 300 square feet you have to be very selective about what you purchase. Food is always a purchase we can make without giving up precious storage space.And it’s fun.

After dropping off our purchases at the campground we drove over to The Wharf at Orange Beach, Alabama, to see the 24th Annual Seafood Festival and Car Show. And just look at that blue sky!


Seafood Festival and Car Show at The Wharf

There were many cars on display, all years, all kinds, and lots and lots of people. And, of course, many arts and craft vendors. Fish, shrimp, and oyster po’boys as well as lobster rolls and bowls of gumbo and more was available for purchase.


Car Show at The Wharf

We had to vacate our space at the campground as it was reserved by someone else beginning tonight. There were no other available campsites. But we did reserve the next five nights in a new space beginning tomorrow night. Since that left us homeless for one night the park people were so nice as to provide us with an unofficial spot to dry camp tonight until we can check in to our new spot tomorrow.

Bonus, we were close to the water and when I saw the sunset I walked down to the water to see what picture I could get. A few herons were there to share with me.


Sunset over Perdido Key


Our Home for Tonight

  • Gasoline:  $23 @ $1.79
  • Palafox Market:  I spent too much here.
  • Joe Patti’s Seafood: I spent too much here too.
  • Seafood and Car Show:  Parking and Admission FREE
  • Lodging:  $5
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  1. coastalglamping says:

    Sounds like a fun day!! 😀 Wonderful!

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