Big Lagoon

Ok, I have posted pictures just like these on here before so if you are a frequent reader you may recognize them. But it’s just so cool here I am going to do it again. The day started out cool, in fact it got down to about 37 degrees overnight. But then it warmed up into the 60’s before the day was over. The sun shone brightly and you can see by the pictures how blue the sky was today. This is the kind of weather that has been missing much of this winter.

The campsite we are waiting to get into wouldn’t be available until afternoon so while we were waiting we walked some of the trails and boardwalks of Big Lagoon State Park to pass the time. First stop is the observation tower.


Observation Tower

The views from the top of the tower are just spectacular in all directions.


View from top of Observation Tower


View from the Top


Long Pond


Hiking Trail at Big Lagoon

After that walk we drove the car just a few miles west, to Perdido Key State Park for a walk on the big white sandy beach. No campground here, only the beach! A few people were out walking and looking for shells.


Perdido Key State Park Beach

When we returned to Big Lagoon State Park our new spot had opened up so we moved the RV to #71. Home for the next five nights. After that we have no idea where we are going!


Big Lagoon State Park, #71

  • Perdido Key State Park Day Use Fee:         $3
  • Big Lagoon State Park for next 5 nights:  $118.20
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  1. The white sand beach looks inviting…

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