A Critter and a Hike

Ever wonder what is going on outside during the night? A while back I bought an inexpensive trail camera to see what we could see when we are in campgrounds. It’s motion activated and infrared. I only use it when we have a private campsite so the camera isn’t pointing at other people and their campers. If I have good luck with it I may consider upgrading to a better quality camera. The camera caught this raccoon early this morning.




Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail in Orange Beach, Alabama. All these weeks we have been in this area this winter we missed this awesome trail complex consisting of seven trails, totaling almost 14 miles of paved multi-use paths that go through Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Gulf State Park in Alabama.

There is a small parking lot at the trailhead where we began. A wooden bridge brings you to the paved trail on the other side of a small swampy area.


Backcountry Trail

Right away we approach a section of the trail that is signed as an Alligator Habitat. But, no gators were seen. It was kinda cool, only 65F, but it was nice and sunny. Thought we might see one out sunning itself, but didn’t.


Backcountry Trail

Bernie looks out over a gator swamp at one of the viewing locations on the trail.


Viewing Location


Gator Swamp

The beautiful paved trail winds through around pine trees and spanish moss covered live oak trees. Several people were walking, many walking their dogs, and some bicycles.


Backcountry Trail

Bernie takes a break on a swinging bench.


Backcountry Trail

We have to do more of this. Unfortunately, we must check out of our campground on Friday morning and be on our way. Don’t know yet where we will go, but the campgrounds we want to stay at around here are booked up. We’ll be back.

  • Parking & Admission:  free
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  1. What a nice looking trail!

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