Moving and Hiking

It’s moving day. Big Lagoon State Park in Florida had no room for us to continue staying there so it was time to move on. Not knowing where we were going to be tonight we headed west. On our way by Gulf State Park, only 18 miles from Big Lagoon, we took a chance and drove in to ask about staying there. They gave us a one-week reservation. Cool.This is a very large campground with 500 campsites. We were here in December and liked it a lot.


Gulf State Park, #240

What a beautiful day! Sunny, blue skies, and almost 70F. After we got parked and set up we went for a walk. At the east end of the campground is a nice paved multi-use trail that continues off into the distance. We walked that for a little way but then returned to the campground. We’ll do that another time.


Campground Road

On the way back home we found a sandy trail that goes around the perimeter of the campground through the woods and over swampy areas. There are alligators here and we looked for them, but did not see any.


Armadillo Trail


Long Pine Needles


Long Needle Pine


Boardwalk Through the Swamp

The boardwalk took us to a deck that overlooks Middle Lake. Across the lake are a few condo buildings. Those are on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.


Deck Overlooking Middle Lake.


Gulf State Park

If only every day could be this nice!

  • Lodging:  $292  (weekly rate)
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