A Day in the Park

Yes, another fabulous day! Almost 70F and sunny. The regular Saturday Farmers Market is in one of the Gulf State Park parking lots so we went shopping.


Gulf Shores Farmers Market

We made quite a haul from this little market, including pickled okra, kumquat preserves, relish, fresh picked peas and cherry tomatoes. And some treats. mmmmm good.


Our Haul from the Market Today

A perfect day for a walk. Let’s go find some alligators! The Alligator Marsh Trail leads from the campground and into the marsh on the north side of the campground. I know there are alligators here, I have seen other people’s recent pictures.


Alligator Marsh Trail


No Gators Here


No Gators Here Either


And No Gators Here


Lilly Pads

It was a bust. No gators.But we had a good walk and got some sunshine. The campground has an awesome pool, a super nature center and a gift shop by the boat docks.


Bird Houses


Boat Docks, Do Not Feed or Aggravate the Alligators


The Boathouse


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