Here Comes the Storm

Tomorrow we were planning to check out of the campground and move either west or north but the weather reports in those directions are filled with lots and lots of rain, and it’s headed this way. This morning was fairly nice so we walked up to the office to see if we could extend our reservation.

This fella was hanging out by the side of the road.


Roadside Heron

And we are in luck. They said we could stay until next Wednesday but we needed to move to a different spot. So here we are, across the street and down three spots from where we were, and we are on the lake side now.


Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores AL, #237

After we got settled in we went to Perdido Key FL to see Lois and spent the afternoon with her. The Gulf of Mexico is pretty wild and was washing up stuff onto the beach making it look messy. Hardly anyone was out. The temp was 72, very windy, and almost 100% humidity. The rain is supposed to begin later tonight.


Perdido Key Beach on The Gulf of Mexico

  • Gasoline:  $21 @ $1.89
  • Lodging:   $250
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4 Responses to Here Comes the Storm

  1. The wind really picked up and the waves were getting huge at Ft. Pickens. They closed the road and evacuated the campground yesterday. You probably have a few new people there who came from Ft. Pickens. We were scheduled to leave any way and are headed east so hopefully the storms won’t affect us. Hope you can weather the storm with no problems.


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