A Better Day

Well, the storm that had been predicted for the last few days was a bust. All the heavy rains and flooding stayed to the west of us in Louisiana and Mississippi doing all the damage there. By the time it got to us here in Alabama it had fallen apart so much that all we got was regular rain on and off for two days. Good for us. And I used that time to finally get our taxes done–something I had been putting off.

This morning was fantastic! Foggy at first, but once that lifted it was awesome to see that beautiful blue sky. This is the view behind behind our campsite.


Middle Lake, Gulf State Park AL

First on the agenda, go for a walk around the campground. The birds were all happy to be in the sun again.


Gourd Bird Houses

Then over to see Lois at her condo on Perdido Key Beach. She made a nice lunch for us and then we went for a walk on the beach. People are on the beach!


Gulf of Mexico

As we were driving back home the Google maps Street View car passed us. This isn’t the first time we have see one. And it’s the 2nd time we have been able to get a picture of one.


Google Maps Street View

Lois will be heading back to Minnesota soon, and we will begin our trek to New England where we will stay for two months before going to Minnesota too.

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