Plans change. When we left Alabama we planned to mosey on up the east coast to get to Connecticut and New Hampshire by May 1 to visit our kids who are up there. But a family matter has brought us to Minnesota first. We still plan to be in New Hampshire by May 1, just taking the long way around to get there.

The trip took a few days, not stopping to sight-see or anything. We had some rain and high winds. So why pay $40/night in an RV park just to sleep and move on? We took advantage of Walmart’s generosity and parked overnight in their parking lots on the way north. Technically it’s free, but it still cost us enough as we go inside and stock up on groceries and supplies.


Overnight at Walmarts

Four very windy days and 1,100 miles later we finally cross the Minnestoa border. We stopped in Albert Lea yesterday to visit family before continuing on up to Hutchinson.


Welcome to Minnesota

You know it’s really too early to go this far north yet. The nights are still freezing. We awoke to find a nice frost on the car this morning.


Frosty Morning

The campground in Hutchinson does not open up for the season until May 1. I called the city and they said we can park there while we are here, but the water is not turned on yet. That’s ok, we have a full tank of fresh water on board that should last a while. Our plans are to be here for probably two weeks. That will leave us enough time to get to New Hampshire by May 1 without having to rush.


Hutchinson City Campground

For the last four days:

  • Gasoline:  $371  @ $2.15, $1.88, $1.89, $1.97
  • Lodging:  $40 (one night in an RV park)
  • Lodging:  $15/night at Hutchinson City Park
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2 Responses to Minnesota!

  1. Sue says:

    I hope you have a full tank of propane for the furnace, you are going to need it !!! It’s cold and snowing again 😦 think we can get together while you are here ?


    • marsbern says:

      Actually, the electricity is on so that is helpful as we can supplement with a small heater, so we’re good. Plus we are right behind Cenex, and they sell propane. Give us a few days to get things under control and we’ll let you know when we can meet. Looking forward to seeing you too.


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