Here We Go Again

Family matters in Minnesota are taken care of for now so off we go to continue our journey to New England to see the kids. Reservations are made for a campground in New Hampshire for May 1 so that gives us about 10 days to drive the 1,400 miles there. Driving won’t be rushed and hopefully we can find some sights to see along the way.

By the time we finished getting up, packing up, locking up, gassing up, stocking up, and filling up with water it was noon. So after a bite to eat we hit the road, heading south down I-35 into Iowa.

Thank You for Visiting Minnesota

Thank You for Visiting Minnesota

It rained off and on all afternoon so we stopped a few times to wait it out. But we still managed to make 300 miles.


Iowa Sky

It’s still early spring and most campgrounds have not yet opened up for the season up here in the northern part of the country. We’re not even trying to look for them yet. Tonight we will be staying in the parking lot of the Isle of Capri Casino at Waterloo, Iowa. The moon made an appearance for us, how nice.


Isle of Capri Casino, Waterloo, Iowa

  • Gasoline:  $80 @ $1.93
  • Lodging:  free
  • Water:  $10
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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask where you got that whimsical RV in your window! I love it 😀

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