Kentucky Friends

Making a little side trip south to visit friends in Cynthiana, Kentucky, we check in for two nights at Whispering Hills RV Park in Georgetown KY. This is a lovely RV park and we have a nice view from our front window.


Whispering Hills RV Park, #31.

Our friends, Lee & Jane, gave us a driving tour of Lexington and the surrounding area. This is horse country and we enjoyed the beautiful pastures and rolling hills.




Thoroughbred Horses Sculpture, Downtown Lexington KY

Lee & Jane also took us to Keenland which is a top notch big deal thoroughbred race track. Every year in April and October the nation’s best horses come to Keenland for some big races.There were thousands of spectators, all dressed up, here to watch and bet on the horses. Since it’s April now we got to see some of the races. It was fun! We learned later that a Kentucky Derby favorite, Nyquist, is here to train for the Derby, which is in two weeks.



After some good BBQ at a local restaurant we did a little shopping. We’re not big drinkers, but we just had to get a little bottle of some good Kentucky Bourbon. The Burgoo is a Kentucky official dish. This staple is somewhere between a hearty soup and a stew usually prepared in large quantities at large social gatherings such as the upcoming Kentucky Derby. We’ll have to give it a try.


Kentucky Bourbon and Burgoo

Thank you to Lee and Jane for sharing their day with us. Great to see them again.


Lee, Jane, Bernie, and Marsha

  • Distance:  149 miles
  • Gasoline:  $99 @ $2.13
  • Lodging:  $64.80 for two nights
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