Kentucky Horse Park

The Kentucky Horse Park is one of the world’s best equine competition facilities and one of the leading “horse” tourist attractions. It is about 1,200 beautifully groomed acres and includes the world-renowned International Museum of the Horse.


Kentucky Horse Park

The museum is the largest and most comprehensive horse museum in the world. The gravesites of several famous horses are found throughout the park as well as statues and markers to honor horses that are buried elsewhere. At the entrance to the museum is a statue of Secretariat, 1973 Triple Crown winner.


Secretariat Sculpture

Also near the entrance to the museum is a statue of Man o’ War, the greatest  race horse and leading money winner of his day, 1919-1920.


Man o’ War Memorial


The Spirit of the American Morgan Horse

There are various activities throughout the day. One was a Draft Horse Demonstration.


Draft Horse Demonstration

The Hall of Champions houses some celebrity horses, including Kentucky Derby winners.


Hall of Champions


Residents in the Hall of Champions

The museum is incredible. Everything you ever wanted to know about the horse and it’s history.


International Museum of the Horse

Rooms full of trophys:



Arabian Horse Display


1978 Triple Crown Winner, Affirmed, trophy case with trophies from all 3 races, and the Triple Crown trophy at the top.


The Harness Room

A Breeds Barn had a variety of breeds and put on a great educational costumed display of different horses.


Icelandic Horse




Guest Performance

After the show everyone was invited to meet and pet the horses.


Meet & Greet

This wasn’t half the pictures I took today, and we didn’t get to see everything. We’d love to come back to see more but we should get on our way to New England. Hopefully we will return soon.

  • Parking:  $5
  • Admission:  $36


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  1. Great post about the fabulous Kentucky Horse Park! We loved the museum and seeing the horses in the fields and getting to see some of them up close.

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