Washington DC

Such a beautiful sunny day!  A city bus stops at Cherry Hill RV Park and brings you to a nearby Metro train station. So that’s what we used to get the Capitol area today.

The moment we arrived up from the subway we heard a commotion to the right of us. Several police cars were arriving with lights and sirens, perhaps 10 cars. Protesters were marching in the street. It was the Million Mask March and they were marching up Pennsylvania Avenue in the direction of the Capitol building. I think there was some mischief and some arrests were made.


Million Mask March

Although some of the protesters were inviting everyone to join them and march with them we did not. They went east and we went west, the direction we wanted anyway. One of the first things we saw was the historic old Post Office building that Donald Trump bought and turned into a fancy schmancy hotel. The name “Trump” is over the doorway but doesn’t show up in the photo. Somehow I expected to see that name more prominently displayed in gigantic letters. Maybe a city ordinance or something?


The Old Post Office Building in DC

A few blocks further down the street is the White House, where Hillary or Donald will live next year. The public has been pushed back a few hundred feet further than they were the last time we were here. We were backed up to where the National Christmas Tree is.


The National Christmas Tree 2016

There was a TV reporter talking in a language I did not recognize. His mic letters RTL. Anyway, this was a close as we could get to the south side of the White House.

About an hour after I took this picture the White House was put on temporary lockdown after a man with a gun on Pennsylvania Avenue. We only heard about it much later. Police sirens seem to run many times all day long here. But we never ever felt unsafe.


The White House

South of the White House and the park with the National Christmas Tree is the National Mall. Our first stop was at the World War II Memorial. We found the Minnesota marker.


World War II Memorial


World War II Memorial

East of there is the Washington Monument. It’s closed now for some maintenance issues. I heard it was the elevator that needed updating.  One of these years we are going to get up to the top.


Washington Monument


View to the East of the Washington Monument


View to the West of the Washington Monument to Lincoln Memorial

There were many people just hanging out on the mall. Some teams playing kickball. Others just walking, like us. The distance from the Capitol steps past the Washington Monument and up to the Lincoln Memorial is 1.9 miles.

New this year is the African-American History Museum, which just opened September 24. We were not able to get in here either. You need tickets. And we did not have tickets. It is free, but you need to get a timed pass. Passes are handed out at 9:00 AM.


The African American History Museum

Food trucks! Lots of food trucks. There were all kinds here. We saw Mexican, Greek, Peruvian, Persian, Afghan, Indian, Vegan, and burgers & fries, and hot dogs. Oh, and ice cream!


Food Trucks on the National Mall

We shared a sandwich and then walked some more, stopping at the Smithsonian Castle building info center, gift shop, and cafe. I could not resist these party cookies. The clerk said she sold more of the blue (Democrat) ones than the red (Republican) ones.


Party Cookies

  • Transportation:  $40 for two multi-day Metro bus/train passes
  • Admissions: none
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2 Responses to Washington DC

  1. Lois Weber says:

    Those cookies remind me of the ones you liked in Pensacola. Were these as tasty?


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