Washington DC 2

Our visit here isn’t entirely about visiting the Capitol and the National Mall. Yesterday we went looking for a scenic drive and ended up going for a walk along the towpath of the old Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.


Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath

Today we’re back at the Capitol Mall. This time we took the train to Union Station and walked a few blocks up to the Capitol building.


Union Station, Washington DC

The Capitol building doesn’t have a front and a back side.  It has a West Front and a East Front. The entrance to the building is through the visitor center on the East Front.


East Front US Capitol

When we were here last year the Capitol dome was surrounded by scaffolding for some restoration. That’s gone now and the dome is all nice and shiny.  Construction has begun on the West Front to make the 1,000′ platform for the inauguration which will be on Friday, January 20, 2017. This is a big job, trees get uprooted, a fountain has to be temporarily filled in and even some marble has to be removed. This will hold 16,000 people, and the bleachers built above the platform will hold 1,000 more! This gets built new and take it all down every four years.


West Front US Capitol

Across the street to the east of the Capitol is the Library of Congress. A very impressive building.


Library of Congress

And across the street from the Capitol to the south is the United States Botanical Garden, one of the oldest botanic gardens in North America. At this time they are setting up special exhibits for the holiday season. It won’t be done until Thanksgiving, but we could see some of the DC Landmarks Models created in plant-based materials.


US Capitol Model

We have moved from the Cherry Hill RV Park over Greenbelt Park, National Park Service. We had been paying $61 per night at Cherry Hill but here, with Bernie’s National Senior Pass we only pay $8 per night. No hookups, but the price is awesome. Price goes up next year by a couple dollars.


Greenbelt Park, No. 136

Was a beautiful sunny 60+ degree day. Frost warning for tonight.

  • Additional night at Cherry Hill Park:  $61.20
  • Two nights at Greenbelt Park:  $16
  • Parking at Greenbelt Train Station:  $5.10
  • Admissions:  free
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