Move to Torreya

Unable to stay any longer at Ocean Grove RV Resort near St. Augustine we had to move on. It is the middle of Snowbird season in Florida right now and finding a new reservation for a 34′ RV is a challenge. Torreya State Park in the Florida panhandle had a spot for us for the next three nights and that was the direction we wanted to go so that’s where we went. 260 miles is farther than we like to drive in a day, but oh well.

Torreya State Park, FL

Torreya State Park, FL

The temp today was a nice 75 degrees. The Sunday traffic wasn’t bad at all. This is a small campground, only 30 sites. There was nobody in the office when we arrived; a sign said to park ourselves and check in later. I knew we had site #19 so park we did.


Torreya State Park #19

The campground sits atop a 150′ bluff overlooking the Apalachicola River. But we can’t see the river because of all the trees. However, the view is one of the most scenic in the state. Remember the highest point in the whole state is only about 345 feet.


View From Torreya SP Campground

The registration office is inside a restored old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) barracks building from the 1930’s.


Torreya SP Campground Registration Office

I hadn’t even realized that the clock on my phone had set itself back. A sign in the office let me know I had lost an hour. I found out later that the time line runs right along the Apalachicola River which makes a bend right around this park.


Tomorrow we will decide what to do for the next two days. Wednesday we move on to Big Lagoon State Park near Pensacola FL.

Here is a link to our stay here in 2013.

  • Lodging:  $58.30  (total for 3 nights)
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